Club Policies

Phone Policy

Course Use:
Mobile phones, if carried on the course, must be switched to silent.
In competitions and cups, phones must not be used as a communication device. The use of mobile phones as a GPS device is allowed.

Clubhouse Use:
Mobile phones my be used, with consideration for other members in the club house. 
Verbal conversation should be conducted outside. 
Use of a phone to discreetly watch streamed event is allowed but must be with consideration of other members in the clubhouse. 
If you are using your mobile phone in front o the clubhouse the volume should be such that players on the 9th green cannot hear it. You should also take into consideration other members who might not wish to hear your phone, even if were there first.

Fog Policy 

The course will close if all or any part of the course is covered by fog.

Players must NOT start play or CONTINUE to play if they are unable to see clearly the area where their ball is going to land. 

During their work times the staff have been told by the committee to close the course if it is foggy. 

The "course closed" sign will be put on the 1st tee and players are not to play until the sign has been removed by the staff.

Buggy Policy

Buggy Use on the course 
  • A Buggy is defined as a sit on/motorised golf vehicle.
  • Buggies are allowed on the course by permission of the committee
  • Any golf buggy user must be aware of any winter restrictions for use of the buggy and abide by committee decisions.

Winter use of buggies on the course
  • Winter use of the buggy will be implemented by the committee and their decisions must be followed.
  • Buggies must be kept on the recommended route in the rough.
  • The may be driven straight across the fairways to get to the rough the other side, but may not stop on the fairways, or turn on the fairways.

Buggies kept at the club

  • A container has been purchased by 3 members and is on club land.
  • The is for specific person use only and other golf equipment should not be kept in there.
  • Space in the container is for the golfing life of the specific person and on resignation from the golf club, the space reverts to Golf club ownership for no cost (this is in lieu of annual ground rent)

Agreed 16th January 2019

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Pins Sequence. Pins are in Front, Middle, Back sequence Tuesday 27th: Greens have been sprayed with a liquid iron to help prevent disease. Tees and green approaches/surrounds have been sprayed with weed killer. MAPP NO. 13912. Please wash hands after playing and avoid touching face. Remaining fairways are being raked. Please remember to rake all bunkers you may play in and repair pitchmarks. Dom
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